Tim Royall
Melbourne, AUS

+61 425 812 409

Punch is a small-scale winery in the Yarra Valley. Without a cellar door they were unable to open to the public without large inconvenience, nor make the most of their idyllic location. The challenge was making a working industrial space into an inviting and social one. Further, it was important Spring Punch felt like a family run winery's tasting day, and not purely a marketing exercise. Responding to the environment and materials around the site, layers of colour started the transformation...
Photography by Earl Carter, except images 3 and 8.

There is no signage at the site entry, so I chose to embrace the sense of intrigue while still gently making sure everyone found their way.
A playful reference to what was being stored in the vats above.
A friendlier-than-average approach to a 'no climbing' sign...
The use of blackboard paint means the Barrel Room will host many more tastings in the future.
The bar was made out of materials found on site.